Downstairs Loo Decorating Ideas

  1. Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

    Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

    If you are creating a new cloakroom or just feel like updating it a bit, why not be a bit daring and bold and edgy and create something special that will make your guests talk about it, whether they like it or not. A downstairs cloakroom really does make living a little bit easier and is one of those ‘what did we do before we had it’ items, and with access to an additional sink and toilet plus somewhere to hide coats etc so why not reward it by dressing it up a little bit.

    Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

    The downstairs cloakroom is one of those rooms that you wouldnt miss if its just you and a partner living in your home. But as soon as you have kids it suddenly becomes much more useful. And also when you have friends over for dinner or for parties they come in very handy and prevent queues outside the bathroom door. The typical place for the cloakroom is under the stairs if its big enough or cutting off a section of the hallway or a nearby room.

    Another imaginative way to design a cloakroom

    Now as for the style of the cloakroom, here is where you really can go a little bit wild and crazy. No one is ever going to be in the cloakroom for very long, so use it as a chance to try out new themes and ideas that you wouldnt be brave enough to try in the master bathroom or family bathroom. Choose the funkiest and most contemporary sink and toilet units you can find and let your imagination run wild with the colors for the walls. Try and bold paint or use a really unusual or daring printed wallpaper to add drama and impact in your cloakroom. The other point to consider in your cloakroom is to ensure it is well illuminated as unless you are lucky your cloakroom will not have any natural light. If you just have a bare lightbulb in your cloakroom consider replacing it with something a little bit more stylish and decorative that give it a well designed touch.

    This is usually a small size room with a washbasin

    Even though its probably one of the smallest rooms in the house there is absolutely no reason why it cant be beautiful and interesting and inspirational. And although adding and decorating your cloakroom wont add value to your home, it will make it more attractive to buys as it will make your home more practical which is important especially for families.

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    Another thing to consider is tiling your cloakroom. Although its not really needed and there is no shower or bath in there, added a nicely patterned till in there could be something very different that it really needs. Or if you are feeling a little bit more cautious you could tile the cloakroom in the same style as your master bathroom. Maybe half tiled and then painted or wallpapered on the top half of the wall in a bold color or pattern would work.

    Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

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    Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

    Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

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