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  1. Simple Small Bathroom

    Simple Small Bathroom

    A small bathroom is only small in relation to the other rooms and bathrooms in your house. But a really small bathroom is still a really small bathroom no matter how big you house is. When it comes to decorating a small bathroom there are a number of factors that you have to consider. And what is a definition of a bathroom anyway it really depends where you are in the world also.

    Simple Small Bathroom

    If you only have a small room with only a toilet or a sink this may be refered to as just a toilet, a half bath or a cloakroom, depending where in the world it is and where in the house it is. In the US a sink, toilet and shower or bath tub is referred to as a half bath and a the same with both a shower and bath is referred to as a full bath. In Europe there isnt really that distinction and often you will find that a bathroom will have a shower over the bath and maybe a seperate shower cubicle too.

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    Try not to take up precious space in the bathroom with unnecessary accessories and clutter. If you have a cupboard or closet outside the bathroom make use of that to store towels etc. Keep only the essentials that are needed in the bathroom. They can be kept on a shelf or a small cabinet on the wall to maximise use of space. To make your small bathroom feel larger and more free it is good to create as much floor space as possible. So any additional clutter that you can get off the floor and out of the bathroom will make your small bathroom look and feel larger.

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    Thats a good reason to consider if you really need a vanity unit in your small bathroom. They are very good for storing accessories and towels and give you a surface to rest things on. But the disadvantage is that the big unit also makes your small bathroom look and feel smaller as they have to take up floor space. So if its not essential then a better choice would either be a pedestal unit, or a sink that projects from the wall. Or failing that a smaller vanity unit that is literally only the depth of the sink so it takes up as little space as possible.

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    Think about using lighter colors on the walls and in your fixtures. Light colors help bounce the light around which enhances the sense of space. The same thing applies to light itself. You want to get as much light in as possible so remove any debris and clutter from the window ledges to achieve that. Get as many large mirrors up on the walls as possible to help bounce the light too, and if there is no or little natural light get as much artificial light in the bathroom as you possibly can as this will help to remove shadows and open it up and make it feel more spacious.

    Simple Small Bathroom

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    Simple Small Bathroom

    Simple Small Bathroom

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