Small Ensuite Bathrooms

Small Ensuite Bathrooms

Are thinking about adding an en-suite bath or shower room to your house. Its definitely a good idea, but it does need some thought before you get started.

You definitely need to consider what it is that you want to get out of your en suite bathroom design, and the bathroom fixtures and fittings that you will need to get you there. Use ideas that you have brought together from things you have seen, and maybe your own small bathroom ideas are a good starting point.

Once you have got to that point and you think you know what it is you are looking for in your new bathroom, then its time to get cracking on you small ensuite bathrooms.

Small Ensuite Bathrooms

Most of us are not that handy or dont have the time or inclination do do such work ourselves, so unless you are, its more than likely that you are going to have to call on the services or a professional to do the work for you. One of the first things your contractor is going to ask you to do is think about the space that you want to use for the en suite, and how exactly you want the bathroom to look.

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Whereever you decide to put your small ensuite bathrooms it is going to need electricity, water and drains. Thats generally not a problem, but if the location you choose is not close to any of those, then this will definitely increase the cost of the work as you will need to have extra work done to have these extended or fitted to reach the new location.

Realistically you can have your en suite whereever you like looking however you like, but anything that required extra work is going to add to the final cost so its definitely something to bear in mind when considering your ensuite bathroom design. An example here is if the bathroom is a long way from the source of water then additional pumping may need to be fitted to give you the pressure you need for a decent shower or bath.

If the ensuite bathroom is created as close to existing services as possible this will help to keep cost down.

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A good bathroom designer or builder will take your bathroom decorating ideas and draw up good and clear plans that show how the bathroom should be layed out once all the fixtures and fitting that you have requested are in place. At this stage you should be able to see if your initial design actually makes sense and gives you room to do everything you need to do in the bathroom.

It should also include all the measurements for everything to ensure that all pieces will actually fit and leave room for people and doorways. Then if you need to make any adjustments or corrections this will be when it gets done.

Bathroom Ensuite Design A single bathroom just isn't enough

The demand for en suites squeezed into smaller spaces is increasing so there is now plenty of choices for bathroom fixtures designed on a smaller scale to fit the smaller bathrooms and to maximise the limited space available. To small shower enclosures, space saving wet room designs, reduced size showers, basins and taps. Clever bathroom storage ideas and bathroom storage solutions that make the most of the space you have.

Small Ensuite Bathrooms

Remember that lighting and color can be adjusted to make a small room appear larger than it really is. Also making the decor much my stylish and giving an greater impact can make a small ensuite bath or shower room seem greater than the sum of it fixtures and fittings.

We have the urge to connect the bedroom and bathroom with these en suite bathroom design ideas these days as we really want more privacy but also a sense of our own space and our own style and comfort in the bathroom. We spend more time working and away from home these days so most people want a nice space that is in tune with their sense of person to unwind and relax in when they are at home, and a nice ensuite bathroom is part of that ambience.

Of course a new en suite bathroom may have to take some of your bedroom space, or mean losing a neighbouring room. It really depends on the size of the rooms in your home as to which is the best option. But remember losing a bedroom is likely to decrease the value of your home, but creating an en suite within the same room should in theory add to the value of you home as long as the space left for the bedroom doesnt become too small.

The nice thing about the en suite bathroom is that because you are not sharing it, you can have whatever decor you like to see in there and can go a little bit crazy and personal with your bathroom choices, although that is part of the fun.

If you are going to be sharing the en suite bathroom with your partner, consider fitting double sinks, and maybe a bath and a shower if space allows. More and more of us are working couples these days, so these items might save a few arguments about who needs to go first. If its possible to squeeze a dressing room into the ensuite bathroom then thats even better, as it will free up more space in the bedroom and add a touch of luxury too.

An ensuite should add extra value to your homes sale price and also allow the main bathroom to be less busy in the bathroom rush hour in the morning. Depending on what you want to do it should take up a hug amount of space. As long as you arent too ambitious with your en suite bathroom then you should be fine. If space is super tight then your ensuite could end up as just a shower unit with a very small sink and toilet, but again that depends on space and budget. But the smaller sized fixtures and fittings available for the bathroom these days should help a lot.

Wall hung toilets with the back hidden behind a wall help to use maximum space and look much better too and give a more minimal look. A compact or corner basin will help with use of space. Shower enclosures with sliding or folding doors also help to minimise the space they use.

Storage is always going to be an issue in an en suite bathroom, so you have to be clever in your choice of cabinets and vanity units if you have them. Corner units may help with the space issue or a god vanity usit to provide a clean finish but with additional storage for your bathroom accessories. Large mirrors and bright lighting will also help with making your small ensuite bathrooms seem more spacious.

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Small Ensuite Bathrooms

Small Ensuite Bathrooms