Small Ensuite Shower Room Ideas

The en-suite bathroom or shower room is rapidly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for most of us. For some its as much of a necessity as having a sink or toilet or bath in the house.

An ensuite bathroom gives you the opportunity to create a bathroom just for you. If you have had small bathroom ideas but hadnt considered creating an ensuite shower or bathroom it definitely a good idea to think about.

An en suite shower room is a good if there just isnt space for an en suite bathroom. The bathroom designs of today allow you to squeeze the same amount of function as previously into the bathroom but in a much more compact space.

Small Ensuite Shower Room Ideas

There is a lot that can be squeezed into an ensuite shower room, but possible not as much as you would think , so careful not to overrun it. Choosing the right sized fixtures and fittings for the size of bathroom you are proposing is essential or things are just not gonna fit.

With an ensuite bathroom its all about making the most of the limited space available to you. Your unlikely to find baths or bidets in an en suite bathroom unless its huge, but toilets and sinks are obviously a necessity, and with todays designs you can get smaller versions that do the job but on a much smaller scale that helps you make use of the space.

Wall hung sinks and toilets save on floor space and dont take up as much space in the room. The ability to able to still move freely in an en suite bathroom is what you want as its not very comfortable and relaxing to have to squeeze round fittings everytime you want to use the bathroom.

How to get an extra room without extending

Its a good idea to look at as many bathroom images online and in design or bathroom magazines to get a feel for whats possible style wise in an en suite bathroom. En suite bathroom design just means generally having to consider the space.

But of course it still gives you the opportunity to be creative and create a thing of beauty. You dont have to just go for the standard bathroom fittings such as washbasins, taps and the lavatory.

Choose different styles and patterns for your tiles. Try different materials other than white ceramic tiles. Or accent your white ceramic tiles with glass mosaic tiles of a different color.

Ideal Standard Space Ensuite An enuite shower room is not only a very

For instance if you are creating an en suite bathroom for a teenager you might want a pink theme for a girl. So rather than making the whole en suite bathroom pink you could have tiling of pink glass mosaic tiles in an accent and border with the white tiles, a pink blind, pink shower head, pink mirror frame, pink towels and so on. That wouldnt take to much to do and wouldnt be very expensive.

So even if the budget is tight and you need to keep the cost down to the absolute minimum and create a budget bathroom or low cost bathroom you can jazz up your en suite bathroom with a few touches. And playing with the colors of the accessories means that you can change the colors anytime you like without too much expense. A simple white tile with an accent of another color can still look good in your bathroom and wont break the bank.

If you are creating an attic bathroom, think about adding a skylight as this extra light will make it a much more relaxing room and throw light into those corners. Plus the extra light will always make a room seem more spacious.

with ensuite wet room, WC and basin

The other way people can go with en suite bathroom is do away with the bath altogether and instead of having a shower cubicle turn the whole en suite into a wetroom. Depending on what you are going to do it can actually work out the same cost or more cost effective to create a wet room than to have a shower cubicle.

Alternatively sometimes just be changing the layout of a bathroom you can get more out of the space as often space is wasted in corners or between fixtures. Could be the the current layout is wasting space and by moving say a bath and sink to different locations you can actually make more workable space in the bathroom.

Sometimes changing for a smaller toilet and sink can also give you the extra space you need without having to rip everything out and start again. Or squeezing in a curved shower unit for instance can let you make better use of the available space rather than a huge square or rectangular unit.

Small Ensuite Shower Room Ideas

Very large or very small tiles make a room seem bigger. Combine that with light an bright colors and shades to make the room feel as spacious as possible with space being at a premium.

Try and keep the floor of the shower and the floor on the bathroom itself all one color. The continuity will also make the room appear to be larger than it really is.

Throw as much natural light as you can into the ensuite. Remove all clutter from window ledges that will cast shadows and if you need it add more artificial light. The more light you can get in there the better.

Try open shelves for storage to keep everything simple. Also glass shelves on the walls can be used as they wont block any light. Also mirrors can help with that sense of space by bouncing the light around the room. But be careful not to introduce too many mirrors and especially not to combine your mirrors on opposite walls as the effect will be too much.

Some say and en suite bathroom should be purely functional because its small and you are in and out of it quickly. But we think theres no reason not to add a touch of style to you ensuite bathroom so you can feel relaxed and enjoy your time in there, even if its limited.

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Small Ensuite Ideas

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