Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Its essential that a small bathroom is kept clean and organised and this is where good shelving can make a worlld of difference. The batchroom should be the cleanest room in the house, as its where we go to get rid our our dirt and to freshen up, and no one feels good getting clean in a room thats a dirty mess.

Heres a some ideas to help you ensure that your bathroom stays mess and clutter free. What you really want when you go into the bathroom is for it to feel how you want to feel, which is clean, light, bright and airy!

Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

One of the main thing is to ensure you have enough storage and shelving so that you dont end up with lots of clutter.Well designed storage means that you dont end up with your lotions, potions and towels all over the place making your bathroom feel a mess. This is even more important if you only have a small bathroom to work with.

One way to make a good use of the space if you can squeeze it in is to have a bathroom trolley on wheels. This will allow you to have many of your needed items on storage that you can easily move around if it gets in the way, which can be really handy. It also means that if its easy to move its also easy to clean too. For extra cleanliness you can even go for stainless steel which is easy to wipe clean with a soapy cloth and quick to dry.

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Its essential when choosing your storage to look at items that match the look of your bathroom and maintain the flow and style that you are aiming for . Its easy to just throw in random items of storage to solve the problem of when to keep all your possessions, but if they don’t look right with everything else in the bathroom it will make it look odd and depressing.

Items like a storage ladder can be used to have storage that looks more discreet. You can keep those in a natural wood, or go for items that are painted to match the colour of your bathroom if you want to keep to the colours. They can also be as large or small as you need, so for small bathrooms you can have these close to the wall and then hang baskets off them to store all sort of nick-nacks.

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A simple addition such as a tray can even help keep the bathroom organised. By having a tray with the most needed items to hand, its simple and easy to move them if needed. Also given that the bathroom is almost always wet and so are your items, the tray will be very easy to keep clean.

Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

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Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

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