Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathrooms

These are the some of the most commonly asked questions about bathrooms

What is a Wall Hung toilet?

A Wall-Hung toilet is attached to wall, this allows the toilet to be elevated off the floor. These toilets can be attached to load bearing walls but can also be installed and supported by a steel framework, which means that they can be fixed to any wall within the bathroom.

What is the difference between a Cloakroom Suite and a standard bathroom suite?

A Cloakroom Suite is smaller than an the standard bathroom suite, it comprises of a basin and toilet usually more compact in size

What is the difference between a top-flushing and a side-flushing toilet?

A top-flushing toilet is usually operated by a push-button flush. This pushable fitting usually comes with Dual Flush as standard. This provides the user with 2 flushing strengths and allowing the user to be more economical with the water. A side-flushing toilet operates with a single handle on the side of the cistern.

What is a Walk-In Shower Cubicle?

A Walk-in Shower Cubicle refers to an shower enclosure that doesnt have doors or any form of framework

What is a Bath Screen?

A bath screen sit in the edge of the bath, and is usually required with shower/bath to prevent the spillage of water. Most bath screens are made of toughened safety glass. They are sometimes made in curved glass, plain and even patterned.

Is the glass safe for use in a shower?

Most shower screens, panels and cubicles are made from Safety Glass as standard.