5 Star Bathroom Designs

5 Star Bathroom Designs

A 5 star bathroom should be something like your own private spa combined with extremely high class luxury. There are many designs, styles and fixtures out there to help you turn your bathroom into one of 5 star quality. We want more from a bathroom than just hygiene these days.

We also want them to be an oasis of calm in a sea of craziness so that we can use it as a spa to wind down at the end of a hard working day. Extravagance and unique fixtures in your bathroom should be the standard.

Of course creating a luxury 5 star bathroom will require some investment of time and of budget too. But of course it will also require good planning, and the skills and persistance to track to down stylish items that you believe will work in your bathroom.

You can also choose to make the bathroom totally unique in your home or you can style it to pick up on other ideas and colors from other areas in your home. The interior design aspects of a luxury or a 5 star bathroom are even more important as you want to create the right impression and image with it.

Bathroom Luxury 5 Star Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

You can even incorporate luxury into your radiator designs. There are many funky and wonderful radiators and heated towel rails out there that will enhance your luxury bathroom.

When you do a 5 star bathroom remodel its touches like these that will make the difference in making your bathroom unique. Make sure you incorporate a luxury bathtub into your bathroom as this will be the ultimate place for you to relax and enjoy your you time. Claw foot bathtubs or walk in bathtubs that are recessed or have steps up and then in are really luxurious bathtubs.

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The height of luxury would be a large round bathtub that you can really soak in. Add whirlpool or jacuzzi jets to make this extra special. There is not better feeling that relaxing for hours in a tub that has cost a kings ransome.

And the more hi tec features you can add the more you can increase the feel of luxury. Jacuzzi and whirlpool jets, lights built into the bath. Some luxury tub even include built in infra read sauna features. Hopefully the use of all the features should destress you and allow you to relax.

Bathroom Fitzwilliam Hotel

So let these pictures and the many others that are available online help you to picture up what you would have in your own dream 5 star bathroom. Hopefully you can put together some plans and make that dream bathroom a reality by remodeling your own bathroom.

Give it lots of attention so that you can make the place you start and end your day a little piece of personal paradise and your own hideaway and place of sanctuary. Look for a good professional that will understand what you are trying to achieve and turn your dream into reality.

5 Star Bathroom Designs

If you can get to see some before and after pictures of bathrooms that have been remodeled and would now be classed as good enough to be 5 star then that would certainly help with ideas. There are lots of bathroom galleries online that can help to stir your creative juices.

The bathroom is the place where we rejuvenate ourselves so if you have the opportunity to make it into a luxury 5 star bathroom then you should take it. There is not a reason why your bathroom cant be a totally relaxing space for you with a modern up to date style.

And the best way to relax is to feel totally relaxed in your surroundings. By using good quality materials throughout and and creating a style and atmosphere thats matches your needs and personality, you can create that reaxing bathroom just like the ones we enjoy is the top hotels or on holiday.

It may take a little bit of work and a little bit of money to get there. But at the end of it what you want to achieve is that perfect bathroom space for you where you feel like you can totally chill out when you need to.

We use our bathrooms probably twice a day sometimes more so the quality of the bathroom really does affect the quality of your life. Now you may want to just jump ahead and order bits and pieces for your new bathroom straight away but stop.

The most important thing you need to do before you get start is know what you want. You will need to do your research and drawer up some plan of what you want to do (with or without the help of a bathroom professional).

Yes you know you want luxury fixtures and fittings in your bathroom. But what exactly do you want, where do you want them to go in your bathroom, will they fit, what materials do you want to use, what colors do you want to use, are you going to have any additional gadgets in your bathroom etc.

You will also need help measuring your existing bathroom so you know exactly how much space you have to play with. Then with those drawings you should be able to add the items you want to include in the new bathroom and ensure that everything is going to fit and also.

For a luxury bathroom of course you should be engaging a professional to help you. They should be able to help you draw up the plans and also ensure that everything you want to do will actually work and talk you through any problems. You should only undertake this kind of job yourself if you are a skilled DIY’er and very confident.

And of course they will advise you where to get everything you need if you dont already know. In theory you should know as you should have been shopping around to find the best prices for all the items you are going to need for your 5 star bathroom.

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5 Star Bathroom Designs

5 Star Bathroom Designs

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