Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

Vinyl wallpapers are water resistant and are splash proof so are suitable for bathrooms. Bathroom wallpaper is an easy way to add different designs or colors to a bathroom.

Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

You may have to occasionally top up the wallpaper paste on the seams as eventually the steam may weaken it, but generally as long as you use a good vinyl wallpaper and have a good extractor fan in your bathroom to remove moisture after showers or baths you should not have any issues.

Not less than specific vinyl wallpapers for bathrooms

If you see a style you really like but is not in a vinyl wallpaper, you can also get a waterproofing varnish that you can apply to the wallpaper once is it fitted. This opens up and even wider array of choices for wallpaper in your bathroom.

We used this vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom of a Hollywood Hills project

vinyl wallpaper decorative wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

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Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

Vinyl Wallpaper For Bathroom

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Posted on March 4th, 2012 by Dave

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