2 Responses to 'Towel Rails For Small Bathrooms'

  1. Leeticiaa says:

    White bathrooms are not for me. My two fioarvte bathrooms I’ve seen recently used Italian porcelain tile on the walls. One of them looks like Corten rusted steel and is done in large horizontal tiles with the mirror also a horizontal one fitting in with the tiles. The second one I love has Italian porcelain tile that looks like deep wenge color wood planks. Both absolutely gorgeous! But then I like super modern and lean to industrial as well. But if you love white bathrooms and are going to rent this home I think you still have to keep looking. It will always bug you just like the brick fireplace that hit you between the eyes at your current place and you won’t be able to do anything about it. I just know you’re going to find a wonderful spot! Keep looking Maria!

  2. Khulle says:

    I really like that slate pity they used a stark white eliott, sink, and cabinet and a grey speckled shower base in there. No attempt was made to make the rest of the bathroom support the slate it’s stuck there like an anchovy on apple pie.****************HEATHER, and any other bloggers or website owners speaking of colour, black text on a dark grey background and medium grey-green text on dark grey is a less than optimal choice. On my desktop monitor it’s barely readable. On my laptop it’s a dark blur, and on my Android it’s a dark blob. is an add-on for Firefox that lets you check the text areas for contrast between text and background to see if your design is within shouting distance of the accessibility standards.

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