Wet Room Bathroom Design

Wet Room Bathroom Design

Are you wondering if you could have a wet room in your home? They are certainly becoming more popular and usually add some value to a home because they are so stylish.

Wet Room Bathroom Design

A wet room basically turns your whole bathroom into a giant shower tray, by waterproofing the whole floor and creating a gradient to let all water to run into a drain. This is usually done with either a tiled watertight false floor or a type of giant shower tray. Usually the bathroom door is raised incase the drain ever blocks.

Wet Rooms - designed and installed by Atlantic Bathrooms Wet Room Shower Enclosure from Matki Matki

A wet room makes your bathroom more stylish, and creates more space in the bathroom especially if you lose the bath. It can be expensive to create a wet room with the extra tiling and waterproofing work required.

Atlantic Bathroom Designs Wet Room Installation

Its usually best to leave at least one bathroom in your home with a bath. Most people expect to find at least one bath in a home, especially families with young children.

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Under floor heating is recommend in a wet room to stop the extensive floor tiles from being too cold.

Wet Room

Luxury Wet Room

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Create the perfect wet room with our essential guide

Wet Room Bathroom Design

Colors For Bathrooms 2011

Wet Room Bathroom Design

Wet Room Bathroom Design

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