Pretty Small Bathrooms

Pretty Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms these days need to have a calming and relaxing atmosphere as well as keep you clean.

Pretty Small Bathrooms

This is achieved by created a bathroom design that appeals to your senses and not just a sink, a bath and a toilet.

Small Bathrooms

Use lighter colors and shades to create more of a feeling of space so you dont feel so hemmed in. Add extra artifical lights to create the same feeling at night.

can be another way of saving even more space

Remove as much accessories and clutter as you can from the bathroom so it doesnt feel like a storage area or a closet. If you have a closet in your bathroom use it as much as possible so the the bathroom feels open and airy and not littered with lots of bits and pieces.

small bathroom glass shower Big Design Ideas for Small

Try and get smaller bathroom fixtures such as sinks, toilets and vanity units if you can as the less space they take up the more open and relaxing your bathroom feels.

I'm pretty sure he would have taken a shower

The key to having that open feeling is to free up as much floor space as possible and to minimise the clutter in the bathroom as its amazing how much difference this can make.

Small bathroom? No problem

Sometimes it hard to see how to improve your bathroom and in this case it may be worth speaking to a professional such as a bathroom contractor or installer or an interior designer as they can give you tips on a direction to go in with your bathroom if you really are stuck. Failing that a good friend with a keen eye for design can be just as good.

So if you have a small bathroom, paint it

Simple tricks like hooks on the back of the bathroom door for towels and robs can save space and make the bathroom look a lot less busy.

Small Bathroom

Tall and narrow cabinets in a dead space can remove a lot of surface clutter so will also help a great deal.

Stylish small bathroom

Over toilet storage or wall cabinets can also help keep the bathroom looking more spacious and open without taking up floor space.

Pretty Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Trends 2011

Pretty Small Bathrooms

Pretty Small Bathrooms

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