Round Versus Elongated Toilets

Round Versus Elongated Toilets

Round versus elongated toilet bowls is a question that comes up sometimes.

Round Versus Elongated Toilets How Can I Tell If My Toilet Is Round Or Elongated

Is this just a personal preference or is there a scientific or design reason for the different shapes for the toilet bowl.

whether You're Buying Elongated Toilet Seats

Doing some research online on this subject seems to suggest that there are comfort differences between the two toilets for men, women and children too.

For A Different Look Try Adding This Tank To The Aberdeen

Men seem to prefer the elongated toilet bowl as it tends to give them more room.

and Stainless Steel Hinges for Round Or Elongated

Women and children tend to prefer the round toilet in terms of comfort.

This Flip Toilet Potty Seat for ELONGATED TOILETS come only in white Toilet Seat Warmer

Children especially can find they get the feeling of falling in with an elongated toilet that they dont get with a round toilet bowl.

Round Versus Elongated Toilets It is made to fit perfectly on your round or elongated toilet

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Round Versus Elongated Toilets

Round Versus Elongated Toilets

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