Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Design

Designing a ‘bath room’ is always an interesting undertaking for a homeowner or resident. What started out in the victorian era as just a “room with a bath” has becoming something much more important and complex where certain minimums eg the regular plumbing features of bathtub and/or shower, toilet and sink.

Small Bathroom Design

Transforming Your Bathroom

With one, two or more of these elements, it is then up to the individual to transform their bathroom space from just a utility into a tranquil and relaxing spa where one looks forward to starting or finishing the day, a fantastic retreat, a place to apply glamour and simply a space to remove hair. The bathroom must be able to serve all these masters.

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Showers To Refreshen

Showers allow us to invigorate and refreshen swiftly without the wastefulness of a full tub of water or the extending time of a long and wrinkly session in the bath. Also eco friendly as the water requirements are less, so having both shower and bath can give speed and luxury with both as an alternative.

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For those who struggle with baths due to disability or handicap or old age, a smaller bathroom design with a shower can be a life saver, with various designs and add ons that make them easier and safer for those that need it.

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Imagine Not Having A Shower

These days when designing your bathroom it would be difficult to imagine not including a shower. With many choices of showerheads, you can choose models that allow you to mix hot and cold either manually or automatically, choose the temperature and vary the spray of the water.

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Shower Combinations

With shower panels, electric showers, venturi showers, mixer showers, power showers and various shower enclosures and shower trays, hopefully we you should be able to find the right combination to suit your needs

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Small Bathroom Interior Design

When putting together you small bathroom design you want to ensure it feels cozy but not claustrophobic. The trick is to use a little “interior design magic” and use every trick in the book to make your little small bathroom feel larger than the physical dimensions would suggest. If you have a very small bathroom like the one I have then how to remodel that tiny bathroom becomes a big question. You will need to work out how to squeeze a bathroom makeover into that small space. With my small bathroom I wondered how design a small bathroom that would allow me to make room for a new shower cubicle?

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For instance by having a full height glass shower enclosure, you can still see the whole room so the feeling is as if you still have much more space and light in your bathroom. Another thing you can do with a shower enclosure is to make it use the full width of the bathroom. What this does is allow you to have to most comfortable shower you can even if you dont have the biggest bathroom or shower room in the world. It also can look totally amazing so its definitely worth considering. If you are going to do this you will want that shower to be as minimalist and as clutter free as possible. And use a glass door or screen possibly frameless to allow as mouch light and openness as possible too.

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Also the use of bright colors such as whites or yellow can add to the sense of open space by opening up the whole room. Add mirrors to bounce the light around, and some good light too add to the effect. But always remember that colors that help you rest and relax and going to allow you to wind down after a hard day, so just be sure to choose colors that you are happy with and you are going to be able to live with.

Add mirrors to bounce the light around, and some good light too add to the effect. The emphasis the difference between physical space and the illusion of space. If you dont have a bathroom that is physically big, you will have to create one that looks big. Some bathrooms give the illusion of space. A bathroom with a cramped feeling will never feel nice. A smaller bathroom designed large will feel open and relaxed.

Small Bathroom Design

Decorate a small bathroom with large light coloured tiles on all walls will help to give you the illusion of space. Standard light coloured bathroom tiles should not be too expensive. Large tiles on the floor as well as being more relaxing and breaking up the space will also make the room feel somewhat more spacious. Where you dont have tiles on the walls you can paint your walls in bright colors which of course opens up the space. The good thing about painting the walls in this ways is if your get bored with the colors or dont feel those colors are working for you, its only a few hours works to repaint those walls and to use a different color.

Use mirrors but don’t overdo it as mirrors to give the feeling of space, but can become overwhelming if you have too many put mirrors on opposite walls. Shower enclosures and screens with clear sides also create more space in the bathroom. Light pastel shades will add a warm inviting atmosphere. Use natural light in your smaller bathroom design if you can as it gives the illusion of space also.

Of course we dont all have access to as much space as we would like in the bathroom but as long as we make the most of the bathroom space we have then we can still create a bathroom that is a delight to be in. A small bathroom can still be a dream bathroom as the creative elements will be the same they will just be on a smaller scale.

If your bathroom does actually give you enough room to have a bathtub in there then you should thank your good luck. Take the opportunity the purchase a beautiful bathtub that makes you feel good about having a bath and makes you smile when you see it. If you can add a whirlpool system or jacuzzi features to it then do it as every feature that you can add that lets you to find more and easier ways to relax will help to relieve that stress from the hard days of life outside the home.

Another tactic thats used by some is that if you dont have room for a bathtub in your bathroom then there is always the option of having a freestand or clawfoot tub in your bedroom, although this only works really well if you have a large bathroom and if you can get a beautiful bath that will match the rest of the items in your bedroom.

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We have discussed introducing as much light as possible into the bathroom to make it more spacious. The other aspect is having a window that allows you to get a view of you beautiful garden or having a view of beautiful scenery if you have it in your location. If you have all that but you cant actually see it from your bathroom you are missing out on a great opportunity. Get access to this view from your shower or bathroom may involve having a new window fitted or may involve the window that you have being made larger. But think of the beneit that you will get if you can add something as amazing as this.

Of course there will be a certain amount of privacy issues that may come into play and you cant exactly go ahead and do this if you have very close neighbours next door or opposite, but if you can do it and can resolve the privacy aspect then you certainly should as a great view from even a small bathroom will reward you over and over.

Another way you can add extra atmosphere to the bathroom is by adding a skylight or velux window that is built into the roof and gives you an aspect into the sky. This will add additional light which is always a good thing especially in a small bathroom and will allow you to see that mood of nature in the sky from your bath or shower. Especially if you have a loft bathroom then velux windows help with the feeling of space and the additional light just makes the bathroom experience so much more rewarding.

For extra comfort and relaxation in your small bathroom, try as much as you can to make your shower as large as you possibly can. We have all visited homes where the shower cubicle in the guest bathroom is incredibly small and you can just get in and its hard to turn around. So if you are creating and remodeling a small bathroom dont fall into that trap you want as much space as you possibly can in the shower to make that a great experience. Yes you want room to be able to move around in your shower room or bathroom but you also want a shower in there that is actually comfortable.

Bathroom Designs For Small Bathrooms

If you are updating a small ensuite bathroom one trick that you can use to make it and the adjoining bedroom seem larger is to decorate them in the same or similar theme, materials and colors. For instance if the flooring is the same in the bedroom and the ensuite then overall they will both seem larger as they will seem to join together especially when the door is open as you look in and out rather than feeling like two seperate and distinct rooms. That visual link between to the two rooms does seem to fool the eye into believing that they are both more spacious.

Adding luxury gadgets to your small bathroom is not just for the rich and famous. It actually wont cost a lot to add an integrated radio or tv to your bathroom even if its small. If you just have a shower in your bathroom maybe there isnt such a need for a tv in there and maybe a radio or speakers that connect your small bathroom to the bedroom sound system is worthwhile. But if you do have the luxury of abathtub in your bathroom, having a tv in the bathroom makes more sense as you may be spending a lot longer in the bathroom and this will allow you to relax even longer.

if you are creating a luxury bathroom or a dream bathroom then the finish of the furniture, fixtures and fittings is pretty important. This applies just as much if you have a small bathroom as you still want that to have those extra special touches. Contemporary bathrooms at the moment are featuring clean lines on white fixtures with light woods or dark woods for very modern looking bathrooms. And of course something we mention a lot is plenty of light as much as you possibly can whether thats artificial or natural light.

Another common feature of current contemporary bathrooms is contrasting wall colors. This adds interesting and liveliness to the look of the modern bathroom as opposed to the same color throughout. The other way is to use a comfortable feel with the colors and make them stay in sync with the colors in the main bedroom or in the rest of the home.

Remember that a main bathroom tends to be shared by the whole family but if your bathroom that you use is your en suite bathroom it really is a space just for you. This means that you can make your en suite bathroom reflect what you want to get out of it and what you want to put in there to reflect your character and personality and things little things that will make you smile first thing in the morning or last thing at night. So lots of your own personal touches and cues.

Modern Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Design